33rd International Master Thesis Competition

In Economics and Finance

The theme : « TOWARDS A NEW WORLD ? »

The crises of the 20th Century – Spanish flu, Great Depression, World Wars – have greatly contributed in the shaping of our social, economic, and geopolitical landscapes. With regards to those of the 21st Century, already marked by the financial shock of 2007-2010 and from now on the Covid-19 pandemic, one of our collective challenges is to find solutions enabling the control of diversified, transversal, and interconnected risks and whose impacts are measured at the global scale of almost 8 billion human beings.

Beyond this observation, the 33rd Competition will therefore focus on distinguishing works that meet this ambition, in all the fields covered by these future challenges.

  • Demographic : what will be the social and economic effects of global population growth with the current projection from 7 to 17 billion inhabitants in 2100?
  • Environmental : what are going to be the ecological, human, and financial impacts of climate Change?
  • Technological : what are the real advances of new technologies (IT, Big Data, Cybersecurity, AI, IOT, …) and R&D and expectations for the economy and risk control.
  • Strategy : what lessons and what perspectives for financial and industrial management, and structural long-term investment for the future of our societies?
  • Governance : what orientations for States, international organizations, and companies in a world where risk aversion, social control and the necessary security of data and people modify the “social contract”?

Competition Partners

Registration procedure

The Competition is open to students who are in the process of completing their studies and that have achieved or are about to achieve a Master’s degree or any equivalent post-graduate. The Master Thesis, with a focus on finance or economics, written in French or in English, should be listed among the top 20% of the institution’s ranking and necessarily have been awarded a grade 15/20 or B+ or better.

In the case of a course organized by several Universities or Schools located in one or more countries, it will be necessary to indicate a single Institution and a single country of reference for the thesis, the Institution and the country in which the thesis was defended.

The closing date for application is set for December 31st, 2021.
This deadline could be extended on decision of the organizers.

Documents to be provided for applications

1.     Documents to be sent by e-mail and by post: 

  • The registration form completed and signed by the student, the thesis director and the course director (one form per student if the thesis was written by two students).
  • The certificate of non-plagiarism, established by the student(s) and validated by the institution
  • The publication authorization signed by the student(s). 

2.     Documents to be sent by e-mail only:

  • The thesis in PDF and in two versions:
    • Original version of the thesis, which was presented during the defense
    • An anonymous version that does not contain any information that could identify the candidate(s) (names of professors or institutions, logo, address, list of acknowledgements, etc.)
  • A summary of the dissertation of one to two pages maximum in PDF and in two versions:
    • Anonymous version
    • Non-anonymous version

For any information, please contact us by e-mail at contact@professionsfinancieres.com or by phone at +33 (0)1 44 94 02 55​​​​​​​

Documents must be sent to the following address :

Centre des Professions Financières
Concours International des Mémoires de l’Économie et de la Finance
6 avenue Mac Mahon
75017 Paris