34th International Master Thesis
Competition in Economics and Finance


Globalization, nearly forty years of falling interest rates and twenty years of the Euro, and the multiplication of innovations have shaped a vision of the world. Today, this vision is profoundly challenged by the increase in climatic disorders, pandemics, the multiplication of cyber-attacks, the slowdown in growth, hyper-indebtedness, the  notable resurgence of inflation and the risks of social tensions, and more recently the shock of the war in Europe. Deep structural reforms are on the horizon.

Attentive to the evolution of this context, the jury of the 34th Competition will reward the best Master thesis (Masters 1 and 2) on one of the following themes :

  • The weight of the debt, its evolution, its management;
  • The evolution of risks and their management in banking, insurance and asset  management; the new forms of credit and savings and the new trajectories of  solvency;
  • The financing of infrastructures and companies. The definition of strategic priorities and energy management are both climatic and geostrategic issues;
  • Other future-oriented financing, linked to «social contracts» in the areas of health, dependency, retirement and training, in connection with demographic issues, adaptation to new work and employment patterns;
  • The place of the Human in the economy, the importance of biodiversity;
  • The drivers and financing of research and innovation;
  • The challenges of regulatory and accounting standards, the objectives of  non-financial accounting and ESG objectives;
  • Data control and cybersecurity;
  • The diffusion of digital transformation (technical and human) and the challenges of competitiveness;
  • The place and role of states and international organizations;
  • The development of digital currencies (from central banks or not), whether they are tools for transactions, accounts, savings or more?

The partners of the competition

Registration procedure

The Competition is open to students who are in the process of completing their studies and that have achieved or are about to achieve a Master degree or any equivalent post-graduate. The Master Thesis, with a focus on finance or economics, written in French or in English, should be listed among the top 20% of the institution’s ranking and necessarily have been awarded a grade 15/20 or B+ or better. *

In the case of a training course organized by several Universities or Schools located in one or more countries, it will be necessary to indicate a single Institution and a single country of reference for the Thesis, the Institution and the country in which the Thesis was defended.

The closing date for application is set for December 31st, 2022. This deadline could be extended on decision of the organizers.

* No PhD dissertations are accepted.
Theses written by more than two authors are not accepted. 

Required documents

1. The documents that should be sent by post and e-mail:

  • The application form, duly completed by the tutor, the head of department and the student. (One form by student if the thesis has been written by two authors).

  • The non-plagiarism commitments validated by the institution and the student(s).

  • The publication authorization form signed by the student(s).

2. The documents that should be sent only by e-mail:

  • The full Thesis in PDF formats and in 2 versions:

o The original version of the Thesis which has been defended

o The anonymous version which should carry no information at all about school, professors or student: logo, names, address, etc.

  • A one-page thesis synopsis in PDF format and in 2 versions:

o Anonymous version

o Non-anonymous version

In case of dispute, the nominative PDF version will prevail.


For documents that should be sent by e-mail or for any questions, you can contact the Centre des Professions Financières by e-mail at contact@professionsfinancieres.com or by telephone at  +33 (0)1 44 94 02 55.

Documents should be sent to the following address:
Centre des Professions Financières
Concours International des Mémoires de l’Économie et de la Finance
41 boulevard des Capucines
75002 Paris - FRANCE

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