35th International Master Thesis
Competition in Economics and Finance

Inscriptions until December 31st, 2023


After a long period of inflation and low rates in developed countries, a new period has opened up marked by a slowdown in growth, the return of inflation and hyper-indebtedness while the effects of global warming, Biodiversity risks, are becoming more visible and contributing to a geostrategic upheaval accelerated by the return of a high intensity war in Europe.

Innovation in all its forms (energy, digitalization, research, fight against global warming, environmental protection, etc.), is more essential than ever to solve problems while seeking to improve social ties and promote governance more respectful of the interests of stakeholders.

Attentive to these issues, the Jury of the 35th Competition will reward the best Master Thesis (Masters 1 and 2) in Economics and Finance in French or in English that go into one of the following themes:

  • The weight of the debt, its evolution, its management, the treatment of inflation
  • The evolution of risks and their management in banking, insurance and asset management, the new forms of credit and savings
  • The development of digital currencies (central banks or not), transaction tools, account, savings or more?
  • Financing public infrastructure and businesses. Strategic priorities, the control of energy and its supply, the fight against pollution to meet climate and environmental challenges
  • Research and Innovation Drivers and Funding
  • New forms of financing in the field of health, dependency, retirement and training, in the face of major demographic changes
  • Adapting to new modes of work and employment (remote working)
  • The place of humans and the importance of biodiversity in the Economy, digital transformation and competitiveness issues
  • Data Literacy, Cyber Security, AI implementation
  • The challenges of regulatory and accounting standardization, the objectives of non-financial accounting and ESG
  • The place and role of states and international organizations

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