Competition Presentation


Dear all,


The Centre des Professions Financières and its partners launch the 31st International Competition of master degree theses on Economy and Finance ! 


The subject of this Competition is : Long Term Investment


Winners will be awarded prizes up to €40.000.










Supported by its partners Caisse des Dépôts, COVEA, AFG and the Institut des Actuaires, the Centre des Professions Financières has launched the 31st International Competition of master degree theses on Economy and Finance. The main theme is: Long Term Investment. It could be dealt under different angles:



- Savings (debt) shaped in several ways, investment from the economic actors and their funding, role of the markets, companies, insurance firms, pension funds, banks, public policies, central banks, supranational institutions, …


- Laws and regulations, accounting standards, tax rules, cash-flow analysis, modelling, risk pooling, control, new technologies, blockchain, digital, big data, AI….


- The sustainable development of 2030 UN agenda for : demographic transition, regional growth, migration flows, energy transition, method of governance, facilities…



To be eligible the theses written in English or French must deal with the main theme : Long term investment. They must be sent to the Centre des Professions Financières. Prizes will be awarded to students and teachers during an award ceremony in June 2019  in   Paris.



Deadline : 31st of March, 2019






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